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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Raising two fingers to Osborne's budget

Labour responses to Osborne's 'emergency' budget seem to fall into 2 general categories.

There is the "this is all a scam - this budget does nothing for the young (under 25s are excluded from Osborne's devalues 'Living Wage'), public sector workers (facing a four-year pay cap), disabled people (facing further cuts to the benefit safety net as part of £12bn cuts)."

This is undoubtedly true, these and other groups will again be worse off. Labour never uses the word "class" but the entire working class and swathes of the middle classes too will see a further eroding of their living standards as a result of this budget by the rich for the rich.

The other Labour response is a childish playground cry of "it's not fair - that's Ed Miliband's programme".

This is true as well. This devastating budget for the working class is full of policies that were either part of Labour's election programme or are championed by the current leadership.

Chris Leslie, the new Shadow Chancellor has pronounced himself in support of the public sector pay freeze. So despite the fact that many of us have seen our pay fall by 15-20% in real terms since the onset of recession, Labour has joined the Tories in wanting to cut pay further.

Labour peer, Frank Field, was making overtures to the Tories about reducing and scrapping working tax credits, just like Osborne has announced, in the run-up to the budget. Jeremy Corbyn aside, none of the Labour leadership contenders have been willing to oppose Tory plans to lower the benefits cap.

Osborne's 'Living Wage' (in reality a re-named minimum wage, without any reference to the real cost of living) is nowhere near adequate for workers to get by on and for many, won't make up for the working tax credits they will lose. But it is still £1 an hour more by 2020 than the figure Miliband promised (£8/hour) for the minimum wage during the election, also by 2020.

The Tories' have made a budget based on Labour policies and it is an attack on the working class. What more proof do we need that the working class need our own party? TUSC is laying the foundations for such a party and in the meantime we are supporting all those fighting back against Tory austerity.

The strikes of rail workers, civil servants and council workers on budget day were a big two fingers raised to Osborne's budget. This fighting response is the only appropriate one to Tory and Labour austerity.

Fight all cuts!
Strike to win!
Build TUSC!

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