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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Remploy workers have jobs and are fighting to defend them

The Welsh Government has announced with much fanfare, a scheme to support Remploy workers made redundant by the Con-Dem's factory closure programme. Private firms and, possibly, local authorities, will receive subsidies to take on former Remploy workers.

Swansea Socialist Party members will get the views of Remploy workers at the local plant on the scheme tomorrow when we support them on their picket line. Labour-supporting Welsh trade union leaders have hailed this as evidence of the Welsh Government's support for Remploy but it seems a long way short of their earlier promises to back Remploy workers in every way possible to keep their jobs and factories open.

Remploy workers have jobs. Skilled, productive, socially useful jobs in which they are trained and experienced. The vote by a huge majority, to take strike action to defend Remploy is evidence that Remploy workers haven't accepted the proposed closures. Neither have their supporters in Swansea; the Trades Council, anti-cuts campaigners and Swansea Socialist Party members will all be on the picket lines tomorrow to show their support. Come and join us and bring your banners and placards - Bruce Road, Swansea Industrial Park, Fforestfach.

Save Remploy!

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Welsh NHS Services Under Threat

It's a much repeated mantra amongst the leaders of Labour-affiliated trade unions in Wales "The NHS is under attack... in England" But, as was explained at the Wales Shop Stewards Network Conference at the weekend, Wales faces cuts in health spending as bad as or worse than any area of England.

It seems that immediate confirmation of this fact has arrived today with the news of the closure of Afallon Ward at Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth. Shortages of qualified staff threaten, according to a statement made by the Health Board to BBC Wales, the ability to provide "appropriate and safe care for patients on that ward".

Earlier this year concerned Aberystwyth residents travelled to Cardiff to lobby the Welsh Government over fears that services would be lost from the hospital. Bronglais is part of the same local health board, Hywel Dda, as Prince Phillip Hospital in Llanelli where residents are fighting to retain their accident and emergency unit and last month held their own lobby of the Assembly.

It is vital that NHS campaigners link up, first on a health board basis and then across the whole of Wales, to take their fight to the Labour Welsh Government and demand they stop passing on Tory cuts. Trade unionists in Wales need to demand that leaders stop trying to hide the scale of cuts taking place to Welsh health services.
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