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Friday, 13 April 2012

Whose Water? Whose Profits?

We often moan about the weather in Swansea - one of the wettest cities in the UK. Now the high rainfall in Wales has caused £ signs to flash before the eyes of certain people and not just Welsh Water's shareholders.

Plaid Cymru supports proposals to use the scarcity of fresh water in parts of England and its relative abundance in Wales to increase charges to English customers. They say this is to create wealth for the people of Wales. What they fail to explain is how it can benefit ordinary people in Wales to increase charges for 'Welsh' water when water, like all other utilities is in private hands. The only people that would profit would be the share holders of the likes of Welsh Water and, as the other water companies would inevitably pass on any increased costs in higher charges, the people that would suffer would be working class customers in drier parts of the UK.

TUSC is not in favour of boosting the profits of one set of shareholders at the expense of working class customers. We say that water is too precious to be left in private hands. Nationalise water and all other utilities so that our natural resources can be controlled and protected by, and used for, the millions not rich shareholders.

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